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Welcome to The Veterinary Surgery

Yarrambat and North Warrandyte

We pride ourselves on providing quality veterinary care and friendly service to your household pets, horses and production animals.

The Facilities

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We have plenty to offer for your household pets, including their yearly health checks, surgeries, diagnostics, and an emergency service for when things go wrong operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Equine Hospital

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Our Yarrambat clinic offers a large animal breezeway with a crush, stables, yards and paddocks to provide an ideal area for our vets to perform minor procedures on your horse.


At the Yarrambat and North Warrandyte Veterinary Hospitals we have plenty to offer the discerning pet owner, including an emergency service operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have an animal that needs urgent attention outside business hours, please ring 9436 1399 to speak with our “on call” vet.

Small animal surgery – We perform a range of small animal┬ásurgeries from desexing to lump removals to more intensive surgeries such as orthopaedic work.

Small animal xray / ultrasound – We have the equipment to perform xrays and ultrasounds on your pet in our clinic.

Equine Hospital – The new clinic offers a large animal breezeway, complete with crush, to provide an ideal area for our vets to perform minor procedures on your horse ( dentistry or minor surgical procedures ).

Our equine facilities also include stables, yards and paddocks to provide suitable accommodation for your horse regardless of its requirements.

Equine Dentistry – Most of our vets have undertaken further training in equine dentistry, ensuring your horse’s teeth are in good hands. We offer routine and corrective dental work as well as surgical procedures such as tooth removals, drainage of sinus infections and wolf tooth extractions. Our Powerfloat enables correction of severe dental abnormalities which are unable to be corrected with manual rasping alone.

Diagnostic Imaging – Our hospital possesses ultrasounds, Digital X-ray and an equine endoscopy unit. Ultrasound is a useful diagnostic tool for equine reproductive exams and pregnancy diagnosis, imaging damaged tendons and other diagnostic work-ups involving soft tissue. X-rays are used for skeletal problems. Our fibre optic endoscope is useful for further investigation of upper respiratory tract disease in horses. We are also able to offer referral for scintigraphy in all species, and for CT and MRI scans and fluoroscopy for small animals.

Pathology and Diagnostics – Our clinic in Yarrambat has an IDEXX in-house pathology unit, capable of processing blood samples within half an hour. This is very handy in the diagnosis of snake envenomation when a rapid result can be life saving (it should be noted that we always have snake anti-venom in stock at both clinics). We also use our pathology machine to offer pre-anaesthetic screens on the day of surgery. Urinalysis, blood glucose monitoring and basic cytology is available at both clinics. We also utilize specialized veterinary laboratories to run more complex tests.

Dermatology – We are fortunate to have Dr. Rob Hilton BVSc(Hons) MACVs(Canine Medicine)CertVD MRCVs working at our Yarrambat clinic on Tuesdays. Dr Rob Hilton is a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Certificate Holder in Veterinary Dermatology and has years of clinical experience. He receives referral work from other clinics as well as consulting for our own clients that are battling challenging skin cases in their pets.

Wildlife – Our clinic is committed to the welfare and care of local wildlife and encourage members of the public that find injured birds and animals to bring them down to see us. If suitable for rehabilitation we will call upon our passionate, dedicated and highly knowledgeable group of local carers, to provide the husbandry required to make recovery possible.

SheepMAP and CattleMAP – We have accredited veterinarians to run these programs on your property. If you think your stud would benefit from accreditation, or want more information on what is involved in the programs, please contact the clinic.

Contact Details

Yarrambat Veterinary Hospital

541 Yan Yean Road, Yarrambat 3091
Phone: 03 9436 1699
Fax: 03 9436 1599
Email: nurses{at}

North Warrandyte Clinic

274 Yarra Street, Warrandyte 3113
Phone: 03 9844 0781
Email: nurses{at}