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Welcome to The Veterinary Surgery

Yarrambat and North Warrandyte

We pride ourselves on providing quality veterinary care and friendly service to your household pets, horses and production animals.

The Facilities

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We have plenty to offer for your household pets, including their yearly health checks, surgeries, diagnostics, and an emergency service for when things go wrong operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Equine Hospital

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Our Yarrambat clinic offers a large animal breezeway with a crush, stables, yards and paddocks to provide an ideal area for our vets to perform minor procedures on your horse.

Diagnostic Imaging

Both of our hospitals are equipped to perform a wide range of diagnostic imaging to assess your animals on site.

Our clinics have several specialised ultrasound machines able to harmlessly visualise structures in both large and small animals. These machines can assess organs and structures in the abdomen, aid in pregnancy diagnosis of cows, horses and pets, diagnose tendon issues in horses, or assess for fluid in the chest or abdomen. Our x-ray machines are used to assess bone and joint pathology in your dogs, cats and horses, as well as assessing chest and abdominal organs. Our equine fibre optic endoscope is useful for further investigation of upper respiratory tract disease in horses. Please note that often your animal needs to be sedated to ensure quality images are produced.

We are also able to offer referral for specialist ultrasonographers and radiographers to review more complex cases, as well as performing CT and MRI scans, cardiac echocardiogram, fluoroscopy and scintigraphy.

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Contact Details

Yarrambat Veterinary Hospital

541 Yan Yean Road, Yarrambat 3091
Phone: 03 9436 1699
Fax: 03 9436 1599
Email: nurses{at}

North Warrandyte Clinic

274 Yarra Street, Warrandyte 3113
Phone: 03 9844 0781
Email: nurses{at}