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Our clinic offers a large animal breezeway, complete with crush, to provide an ideal area for our vets to perform minor procedures on your horse. Our equine facilities also include stables, yards and paddocks to provide suitable accommodation for your horse regardless of its requirements.

Meet Koda

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He may be Australia's smallest horse, but his personality is as big as a Clydesdale. Koda is smaller than a labrador, weighs just 35kg and can travel on the back seat of a small sedan.


He may be Australia’s smallest horse, but his personality is as big as a Clydesdale. Koda was smaller than a labrador, and weighed just 35kg and could travel on the back seat of a small sedan.

Koda used to live at the Yarrambat Veterinary Hospital then retired and spent his last few years at home with Karen and Andy.  When he live at the vet clinic he mixed with pets great and small. First-time customers used to think he was a battery-operated soft toy.

He was super cheeky, cute, sweet and obviously believed himself to be as big as a normal horse. Koda was always meant to be small, being an American miniature. But he is also a dwarf. Koda was diagnosed soon after birth.

“He was no bigger than a cat,” said vet Andy Lynch.


Unfortunately Koda passed away early 2019 and is missed greatly by Karen, Andy and his work family. 


Koda’s Photo Gallery


His condition was rare but Koda was unique in that he was still alive after 12 months – and thriving despite a barrage of health problems and major surgical procedures. Many more are planned. “He had a punky look, a fuzzy forelock and his mane stuck up like a mohawk,” Dr Lynch said. His bottom jaw stuck out, he had upturned nostrils and a wrinkled nose. Below his little round tummy, his shortened legs constantly buckled.

Koda’s poor prognosis left Dr Lynch with little doubt he should be put down. But veterinary nurse Karen, 23 at the time, was amazed by the gutsy, plucky personality in the pint-sized pony. “I’d never seen a miniature horse and I just thought him amazing,” she said.

“I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him and thought he deserved a go at some good quality life, so I took him on”, Karen said.

Dr Lynch has performed about $10,000 worth of leg surgery on Koda, but the bill is expected to top $30,000. The next surgery Koda had was major dentistry to remove adult teeth that could never fit in his little mouth. This surgery was a success. 

He has recovered well from every operation so far and takes his medicine like a “little man”, Dr Lynch said.

Since that article appeared, the staff at Yarrambat Vet Surgery have been inundated by offers of help, donations of money – all of which are very much appreciated. We have received emails from the UK, Europe and the USA.

The famous Koda even starred in a couple of episodes on Bondi Vet. 

Koda had endeared himself to the veterinary staff, nurses and our human clients and animal patients. Dr Andy Lynch and his team helped Koda through many more surgeries at no charge.

We would like to let everyone know that Koda passed away early 2019.  He was a special little man and will be missed by all who knew him. 

In the meantime, here is Koda’s own special story, his own album page and his photo gallery page.