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Welcome to The Veterinary Surgery

Yarrambat and North Warrandyte

We pride ourselves on providing quality veterinary care and friendly service to your household pets, horses and production animals.

The Facilities

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We have plenty to offer for your household pets, including their yearly health checks, surgeries, diagnostics, and an emergency service for when things go wrong operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Equine Hospital

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Our Yarrambat clinic offers a large animal breezeway with a crush, stables, yards and paddocks to provide an ideal area for our vets to perform minor procedures on your horse.

The Nurses


Abbey was one of the original employees to work with Chris and Suzanne when the clinic first began.  Abbey is a highly experienced and competent nurse and enjoys all aspects of nursing.

Abbey lives in Christmas Hills with her husband Nick, daughter Kiah and son Brayden. Abbey now works for us part time, and in her spare time enjoys gardening, camping, looking after her horse and spending time with her family and friends. Other members of her family include her beautiful birds, two cute little dogs, a cat and two guinea pigs.


Karen joined our team in 2007. Following 5 years based at a small animal clinic in Forest Hill, Karen was keen to broaden her horizons to work with horses and livestock. She has always aspired to a high standard of nursing and actively seeks opportunities to further extend her experience, knowledge and practical skills wherever possible. With a passion for surgery and orthopaedics, Karen manages the surgical department and handles all equipment and ordering behind the scenes.

Karen owned and rode horses for several years, and for many years looked after one rather small horse, Koda. Koda used to spend many years roaming the grounds at Yarrambat and paying regular visits to The Royal Children’s Hospital.

On the side Karen is also a registered wildlife carer, rearing and rehabilitating wild ducks and reptiles from the district.

Water-sports consume all the spare time left in her life – snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing and sailing her dinghy. The weekly keel-boat racing with family and friends out of Sandringham Yacht Club presents the perfect chance to express her competitive streak!


In 2011 Victoria traded in her career as a personal trainer to train to become a vet nurse. With a love for animals and fierce determination to achieve her goals, Vic’s ambitious nature paid off and she has since become an exceptionally capable and valuable member of our practice.

She has an ongoing thirst for knowledge, continuing to advance her skills and interest in small animal surgery. Always cheerful, helpful and hardworking, she is easily recognised by her raucous laugh!

Victoria has always enjoyed sport, outdoor adventures and generally keeping very active. These days she is challenging herself in new endeavours with her wonderful husband Ben and new baby Owen by her side. Together they have completed in several mini triathlons by the bay and enjoy working out in their home gym.

Vic’s happy family also includes Lily, a pint sized chihuahua X with the courage of a lion, and Bruce the “tank – like” Bull Terrier (who’s voice would sound just like that of “Bruce” the shark from finding Nemo – if he could talk). With a few new additions of the poultry kind their house is now a home.


Jackie Hall is one of our senior nurses and is one of the three principles at The Veterinary Surgery.

She has been nursing for 20 years and joined the team at The Vet Surgery in October 2012.  Her nursing career started at the Wonga Park Vet Clinic where she was there for 10 1/2 years, then moving onto Heathmont Animal Hospital for 5 years. Jackie wanted something a little closer to home and she was given the opportunity to start working for The Vet Surgery.

Jackie has completed the Veterinary Nurse Certificate and then to further her career she went back to study a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Biotechnology, before returning to her true passion, vet nursing. She is a very compassionate nurse and enjoys looking after all the client’s pets that come in.

Her family home consists of her husband,  2 children, Obi – the super smoochy rescue mastiff x from Queensland, Echo – a kelpie, Rhett – the big quiet Clydie x, and a few chooks – Nutella, Chickybabe, Blob, Browny – just to name a few.

Jackie loves gardening, horse riding, going to the beach and taking her dogs for a walk.


The ever-smiling Sinead McAuley joined our team in early 2014. She is based primarily at our Warrandyte clinic but has also been spending some time at Yarrambat clinic on Mondays.

Sinead has an impressive resume with a Certificate in Veterinary Nursing and a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Biosciences in which she majored in Zoology. With her background of Zoological studies, Sinead understandably has an interest in our Australian wildlife but also enjoys dealing with our furry domestic species. Sinead spends her spare time keeping fit and healthy and has a keen interest in wellness, mental health and wellbeing, especially of our staff.

Sinead lives with her partner Chris in Healesville and owns Wilson the sweetheart Standarbred horse, Felix the naughty cat and LuLu the supercute frenchie. (LuLu sometimes ‘helps out’ at reception at the North Warrandyte Vet Clinic, you can usually hear her snoring before you can see her!)


Caitlin joined our team in August 2015, having spent the last 4 years working professionally with horses as a World Cup show jumping groom travelling up and down the east coast. She completed a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Biosciences at La Trobe University as well as a Diploma of Horse and Business Management at Marcus Oldham College, where she was awarded Dux and Excellence in horse health and husbandry.

Having such a strong interest in horses, it will come as no surprise that she owns an Percheron x Anglo Arab gelding called Maverick who she does dressage with. As well as this, Caitlin also owns an over excitable kelpie, Indy, who also enjoys his time being outdoors with the horses.


Ashleigh started at The Veterinary Surgery early 2018 and has been nursing for 8 years. She has completed her Certificate IV in vet nursing in 2013 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology to further her knowledge in the industry.

Ashleigh spent time in general practice clinics as well as being an oncology veterinary nurse, which she found very interesting and where she able to form great bonds with both the clients and patients. She also enjoys caring for geriatric patients, and has adopted several senior dogs into her home.

Ashleigh lives in Kinglake with her partner Steve and all of their much loved animals – 2 adopted cats (which she hand raised from one day old) Bear and Annie, 2 adopted bunnies Cherry and Elby, 2 Clydesdales Gringo and Clyde, an American Staffordshire terrier – Storm and a 10 year old Budgie called Eugene.

In her spare time Ashleigh enjoys exploring her new property in Kinglake, horse riding, and anything snow related.


Taryn came to work with us in 2018 with 4 years nursing experience under her belt. In 2013 she completed a Bachelor of Equine Science at NMIT and since then has been very keen to put her acquired equine knowledge into practice. Furthermore Taryn aims to complete her Certificate VI in Veterinary Nursing in coming years.

Growing up in Eltham and now living in Diamond Creek with her partner Jesse, Taryn has always been a local. That said she has been fortunate enough to be a seasoned traveller, having travelled to 28 countries so far! Taryn needless to say loves to explore and experience new cultures.

When she’s not jet-setting, Taryn leads a very civilised life riding her quarter horse Beau up in the Kinglake ranges or camping at various locations in Victoria’s wilderness. Taryn and Jesse are currently renovating their house, so she is not afraid of a challenge either! It’s a full house these days with ball-obsessed George the Rotti and Lenny the German shepherd.


Started with The Vet Surgery in September 2018. Has been vet nursing for 6 years, 5 of those in small animal practice, and she has completed Cert IV in Vet Nursing. She is very excited to now be apart of a mixed practice and further her nursing skills with large animal healthcare. Currently she is renovating a 1950’s weatherboard in Healesville with her partner Jack which is home to George, a 6 year old French Bulldog, and Hank, a 2 year old Australian Bulldog.

Tara enjoys sharing her knowledge on everything Bulldog. And there’s lots to know!

Tara has a strong interest in the anaesthetic monitoring component of nursing and likes to ensuring every patient undergoing an anaesthetic are carefully monitored with a smooth recovery.

She spends lots of time over the weekends in Mansfield where her family have a hobby sheep farm, along with 2 quarter horses, Summer and JLo. Summer had a Gypsy cob x quarter horse foal in January 2020.

Tara worked until recently with her Aunty and Uncle at the Hurstbridge Deli and Larder that they own.

Coming from a background in customer service she prides herself on giving caring service and making every clients experience pleasant when visiting the clinic.


Jaimee started veterinary nursing at a small animal hospital in regional NSW in 2013 and became a certified vet nurse in 2014 before travelling to Europe to attend the World Dog Show as a spectator. Canine conformation showing is a hobby of Jaimee’s and has been since her very first job as a kennel attendant at a well respected and very popular foundation kennel for Bernese Mountain Dogs when she was 15 years old.

She has a particular interest in dogs, particularly primitive and landrace breeds as well as dog behaviour and training.

Jaimee and her partner moved to Victoria in 2018 for career advancement, where she completed a certificate in captive animals (or zoo keeping) after moving but felt that veterinary nursing is where her real skills belong.

Her companion at home (and occasionally work) is an Australian Champion show dog, running buddy and working poultry guardian, who also attends obedience classes (much to his displeasure).

Other hobbies of Jaimee’s include but are not limited to: binge watching tv and snacking on the couch, hiking, intermittent exercise, doing animal quizzes online and collecting chickens as pets.


Merve started working with us in August 2019. She has been in the animal industry for quite some time working in different fields. Prior to working with animals, Merve worked in construction and childcare, however animals have always been apart of her life and she always aspired to work in the veterinary industry.

Working in a mixed practice for the first time has helped her learn so much about large animals. She really enjoys the wildlife that we see on a regular basis at the clinic and is hoping to expand her knowledge furthering her skills.

Merve lives with 3 fur babies; Tommy the Staffordshire terrier cross, Ruby the Chow Chow and George the Scottish Fold.

Merve is a Japanese car enthusiast so when she isn’t here at the clinic she likes to spend her time working on her troublesome car which she has owned for 9 years. She also likes to explore and be in nature, go hiking and sightseeing different wonders of the world.


Michelle joined The Vet Surgery team in 2020 with over 10 years of nursing experience.   It all started for her as a part time job hydro bathing dogs at the local Vet surgery on Saturday mornings while she was in high school.  It soon became obvious this was the path she wanted to follow, spending everyday helping animals and their owners.  She can’t imagine a day where she isn’t covered in fur! 

From working in a 24hr Emergency hospital and specialist care, Michelle has enjoyed all aspects of Veterinary Nursing.  Providing the highest standard of care is her number one priority.  Michelle enjoys continued education to ensure she offers all our clients and their pets the best possible options and care.

She also has a keen interest in medically managed patients, behaviour and training.  You can’t teach an old dog new tricks is not something Michelle believes to be true! We just need to see what motivates each dog and help them learn accordingly.  She likes a positive only style of training making sure the dog enjoys its successful behaviour.

Michelle’s family is overflowing with furry friends.  Michelle has 2 Golden Retrievers 1 of whom has special needs and has only 1 kidney! 

A fluffy Maltese who rocks a ponytail and who Michelle plans to enter in trick training competitions, 2 lazy cats, a bunny and 3 horses.

Michelle enjoys spending her spare time riding her horses including 1 older pony in his late 20’s who sulks at the gate if it’s not his turn to go riding, taking the dogs on adventures, cooking and reading.


Savannah joined us at The Veterinary Surgery in April 2021 and has quickly become a valued member of our nursing team. You might have been lucky enough to be greeted by her lovely self at our reception or on the phone.

Savannah completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2012 and has worked in mixed animal practice ever since. In the clinic she has shown a keen interest in surgery as well as equine and canine reproduction. Outside of work, Savannah loves her horses and often travels around Victoria showing them competitively. She also has a Jack Russel Terrier called Poodle and a Miniature Dachshund called Gerta.

We are lucky to have had Savannah become part of our work team and know she will be loved by all of our clients.

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